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The Forum is intended to be a means by which kayakers in the Portland Oregon area can plan trips, meet other boaters, post pictures, meet drinking buddies, etc. We're a local Portland, OR group; check out our "sister" groups:

Central Oregon -- BENDkayaker
Women in Portland -- PDXGirlpaddler
Seattle, WA -- SEATTLEkayaker
Spokane, WA -- SPOKANEkayaker
Eugene, OR -- EUGENEkayaker
Sea Kayaking in Portland -- PDXSeakayaker
New! For the families out there to find family friendly trips and trade babysittin', there's Oregon Family Kayaking -- ORfamilyKayaker

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-Pictures are welcome and encouraged. Check out the Photos section and post away!
-We're pretty relaxed, so please don't get us all fired up about something other than boating unless it is REALLY important.
-Wednesdays are Swap Days - the only day for posting For Sale or Want To Buy items. Any FS post on other days will be deleted. But, you can post anytime at the Boat Bazaar. Check it out!

Any questions just call us.

Paddle on,

Sam Hass

Jason Markantes